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Formare Studia is a professional training centre in Iasi city, in North-East of Romania.

Since 2007, when the organisation was founded, Formare Studia offered 7 training courses (Auditor in the field of quality, Train the Trainer, Professional competences evaluator, Mentor, Project Manager, Human Recourses Inspector, Public Acquisitions Expert) to over 2000 adults. These training courses are authorised by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, and offers the graduates the possibility of working on their own based on the diploma issued.

Formare Studia is actively involved in the community's life by engaging adults and youngsters in diverse activities. The NGO organizes formal and non-formal learning activities and conferences on educational themes, offering adults the opportunity to study, research, to development themselves through learning, socialize and share experiences. The target groups, thanks to Formare Studia's highly qualified staff that works with enthusiasm mostly as volunteers, appreciate all the activities.

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